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I Can Help You Set Things Right After A Criminal Charge

A criminal charge can turn your life upside down. Let me help you right the ship.

Criminal convictions come with serious consequences. Consequences that can change your life permanently. But, with the right help, you can prevent these things from happening.

With the right help, you may be able to leave your charges completely in the past. With the right help, you could avoid jail or prison time.

Do You Really Need A Lawyer In Illinois?

We would like to be able to rely on the justice system to prosecute guilty people, protect innocent people, and deliver the appropriate consequences for people who have made an honest mistake. But all too often this is not what ends up happening.

Here in Illinois, and even in and McLean County itself, our government often gets things wrong. It’s no secret that the police force often makes mistakes and puts procedure ahead of the individual’s rights. That’s why, in most instances, you need an attorney to help protect your constitutional rights and your future hopes and dreams when charged with a crime. Violent crimes, including those involving assault, battery, and/or weapons, require a particularly assertive, skilled, tough defense. If all else fails and even the judge doesn’t see reason, you need someone to help you preserve the record for appeal to a higher court.

If you’re facing these circumstances, you can turn to me for help. In my background as a public defender, I’ve seen it all and it’s given me a true passion for protecting people’s rights as well as a high level of skill in the courtroom and on appeal.

As your attorney, I’ll make sure the court hears your side and I will work relentlessly to protect your future. Let me help you overcome your charges.

Protecting Your Future

Criminal charges, even for a misdemeanor, can have a long-term impact on your life. But I have experience defending a wide variety of criminal offenses from violent crimes like assault and battery to more common cases like DUI and traffic violations.

No matter what you’re up against, I know how to help you. I thrive on complex cases and still have a passion for justice in more simple, straightforward matters. I have practiced in various counties throughout Central Illinois, as well as arguing before the court of appeals and the Illinois Supreme Court.

Without the right help, a single mistake could define you for the rest of your life; it could even land you in prison. But I’m here to help you tell your side of the story and prevent the worst from happening.

I’m Here To Support You. Find Out How.

I’ve dedicated my career to fighting for your rights. Get in touch with me today to find out how I can help you navigate a criminal charge. Call the Law Offices of Bryan J McIntyre at 309-807-9837 or use my simple contact form to set up an appointment. Let’s make a plan to protect your future, today.