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Helping You Protect Your Future

At some point in time it may have been enough to rely on the justice system to enforce the presumption of innocence even if police did not. But unfortunately, Illinois has a particularly tough criminal justice system and the government doesn’t always get things right, especially when it comes to the police.

That means, if arrested, people always need to seek legal help no matter what charges they’re facing. But who should they choose? The market for attorneys is saturated and it can be difficult to figure out who to trust. If you’ve been arrested, you need to work with an attorney who truly has a passion for protecting people and their rights and safeguarding their future.

I am attorney Bryan J. McIntyre of the Law Offices of Bryan J McIntyre, LLC, and I have based my entire career on my commitment and dedication to standing up for people and protecting their constitutional rights. Find out more about me and what I do here.

Getting Things Right, The First Time

When faced with a criminal charge, understanding what you’re up against and making sure your side of the story is heard are two of the most important things. And that starts with working with an attorney who cares.

I am a hard-working, dedicated attorney and I’ve always had a strong sense of justice. That’s why I’ve chosen a career in criminal justice and defense. I started out as a public defender, which gave me invaluable experience in the courtroom, and now I want to bring my passion and skill to the greater McLean County area. I’m a straight shooter who won’t mislead you or simply tell you what you want to hear. I’m a thorough, tenacious attorney who can get things done and I have true compassion for my clients.

Let me give you hope and protect your future, whatever you’re up against. I won’t let a simple mistake define the rest of your life.

Let’s Start Working Together

If you or someone you love has been arrested and charged with a crime, contact me today and we can create a solid plan to confront your charges. You can call me at 309-807-9837 or use my online contact form for easy access. I offer free consultations, flat rates for non-trial matters, and will tell you straight up if I believe you need my assistance or not.